About Us

Diesels are hot, and Volkswagen diesels are our specialty.
More and more people are tuning in to the fuel efficiency, tempting torque and pure fun of the Volkswagen Turbo Diesel (TDI) engines.

Volkswagen has produced sporty performance in sedans and coupes that pull down up to 50 mpg. That's a slick automotive trick.

The problem has been finding experts who know TDI engines inside and out.

That's where we come in.

We're fanatical about Volkswagen TDIs. We drive them. We improve them. We maintain them. We know them. We love 'em!

Martin Bergel, owner and operator of Martin Bergel, LLC, has owned and worked on Volkswagen for thirty years..

His expertise can help maintain your pride and joy or help resurrect it when it falls by the wayside. Whether it's a serious as a bent rod, or as simple as an oil change, Martin is the go-to guy.